Newspaper & Magazine Readership 2016

Reviewing the latest JNRS Circulation figures from NewsBrands Ireland makes for very interesting - if not unexpected gloomy reading. The circulation of print titles was over 8% lower at the end of 2016 than in 2015. 8% less Daily Newspapers are sold each day now at 421,930 copies while the Sundays are almost 9% down to 609,987. That's a lot of newsprint recycling lost in just one year. Compared to 2005 though the figures are […]

Someone has ‘listened’ to sense.

                      About time we got rid of the ludicrous Chewing Gum qualifiers in Radio spots.
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Investor Demographics

Interesting Deminfographic from our Studio on Investor Demographics in Ireland. Click image to fill screen.
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Spectacles v Contact Lenses

Another entertaining infographic from the studio. Three quarters of us wear Glasses by the time we’re 54. Remarkably few of us like pushing our fingers in our eyes to install contacts.

Excellent Flowchart / Infographic on use of Music in Radio spots

We love the clarity or thought and execution. Thanks for sharing Eoghan. http://www.brandartillery.com  

Social Media Company Facebook to sell ads in a business-like fashion

https://www.facebook.com/marketing “Broadcast advertisers will now find familiar terminology when making video ad buys on Facebook.” – Matt Idema, VP of monetization product marketing at Facebook “For marketers, this shift makes it essential to take new creative considerations into account when designing effective video ads. While this work is ongoing, we have seen that when marketers think about the unique characteristics of mobile behavior, they are able to more effectively connect with their audience.” Mr. Idema […]

Some useful resources for HTML5

  – Google Web Designer: google.com/webdesigner – Update Flash files to HTML5: support.google.com/adwords/answer/6249073?hl=en&authuser=0 – Rich Media Gallery: richmediagallery.com/tools – DclkPubs-H5   – IAB_Europe_Mobile_Brand_Builders_Ad_Format_Recommendation   – IAB_Europe_Brand-Builders_Ad-Formats-Descriptions
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Season’s Greetings

A very Happy Christmas to all our clients, friends, partners & collaborators.   Thank you for your support this year, here’s to a peaceful break with continued success in 2016.   Please click here to view our Christmas Card or download it here.

May all your season’s Wishes come true


Simple ideas are always the best

      We get a DM flyer of some sort every other day from Artists, Photographers, Studios, Production Houses, Media Rate Cards, (Some expensive and no so dear ‘carrots’ like Gadgets, Baseballs, Cakes, Pizzas as well as the usual money off incentives and other value offers) as well as the run of the mill B2B contacts like Stationery, Telecoms and Print suppliers, Insurance Companies and the like. This one stands out by a country […]