Interesting Amuse Bouche from Behaviour & Attitudes 2018 TechScape Study:

* 80% of the population now access the internet once a day or more often (almost all under 35s are now online at least once a day)

* 14% of the population never access the internet

* 1 in 10 have a wearable digital device (mainly under 50s and ABC1s). 253,000 in total at national population level

* 2 in 5 Irish consumers desire an integrated shopping experience (38% claim to research products on their phone when in a Store)

* 33% connect their tablet, laptop or mobile phone to their TV to play programmes, videos, or music

* 19% of the population (717,000) have watched online video content out of home over the past 7 days

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PREPARED BY: Anita Mullan and Luke Reaper
Behaviour & Attitudes 2018
www.banda.ie / @banda_ie

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